Version History

09-01-2023 v0.9.0

MAJOR new release - This version includes a LOT of new updates:

  • MUCH faster response of almost all pages (Including pages with a lot of transactions, new blocks, etc.)
  • Create an account for ChainViewer - Your account is valid for both Munt & Florin
  • When you've created an account you can see the following items:
    • Holding/Witness information for both Munt & Florin
    • See more information about those Holding/Witness accounts including Total Amount if the account can hold/witness on the next block, lockperiod.
    • See the expiration of Holding/Witness accounts
    • Follow Holding/Witness accounts so you can easily track your own accounts.
    • See the latest blocks with 'real' transactions (not only mining/holding/witness transactions) in it.
15-4-2022 v0.8.4
  • Adding date and time on Address pages - so you can see when the transaction is done
  • Adding Block on Address pages - so you can see in which block the transaction was done
  • Started adding copy to clipboard on address pages - so you can quickly copy an address, transaction or block to your clipboard
  • Updated some dev-dependencies so I can better develop and production errors are minimized.
  • Charts; WE GOT SOME CHARTS!! Adding price information with some ugly charts ;-)
14-4-2022 v0.8.3
  • Changed the data on the "Block"-page - Now it's instantly visible which transactions are done and what the effect is on the address pages.
  • For balances and amounts - *almost everywhere you'll see 8 decimal points. Since that's visually nicer and gives better information
  • Adding some ugly visuals to indicate if a balance is incoming or outgoing of a specific transaction/address
13-4-2022 v0.8.2
  • Added an API for Historic price information for Florin
2-4-2022 v0.8.1
  • Bugfixes:
    • Added a basic address not found page
  • Aware of an issue where some transactions are not displayed in some address pages - Found a solution - will be fixed soon
  • Aware of an issue where the DB takes too many resources and crashes - Investigating solutions
1-4-2022 v0.1.4 Initial release of
  • Latest Blocks
    • Show a list of latest blocks with the timestamp and the number of transactions in the block
  • Block information
    • Show hash, time, difficulty and transactions in a block
  • Transaction information
    • Block in which this transaction is done, hash, and timestamp, as well as address information for this transaction
  • Address information
    • Show Value in, Value out, Balance of this address.
    • Show the transactions connected to this address with the results of the transaction for this address (Direction and Value)
  • Search for Blockheight, Blockhash, Transaction(hash) and Address - Redirect to home if nothing found
  • API availablility